data collection

Data collection

With the ability to run multiple instances of the program, you can collect data from several sensors on one computer. There is an option to collect multiple signals simultaneously in one window: with our LP-chrom converter (2-channel version) or with detectors capable to measure more than one wavelengths i.e. Knauer K-2600.

HPLC control

Currently, LP-chrom allows to control selected models, such as liquid chromatographs supplied by Kanuer, Beckman, ECOM, Gilson and Kontron companies.

Overlay of chromatograms

Previously stored chromatograms can be opened in the same or new window, and dividing the main window, even during the analysis.

Stretch, move, zoom

The user has access to spectrum stretching, zooming a section, moving and scaling.


The recorded chromatograms can be printed with or without the report, and, thanks to external plugins, also saving to the PDF file to enable easy sending by e-mail.

Export to .txt and .jpg

A chromatogram export option to a text file allows to open and edit it in other programs. Image files. Jpg (or. Tif,. Bmp,. Png) for easy inclusion in publications or multimedia presentation.

Integration of the spectra

The program allows for a basic integration of the whole or selected parts of the chromatograms.

Ease of creating methods

Creating a method is done using a convenient table, which (in case of a set of gradient) is determined by the percentage of eluents, depending on the time. The established methods can be saved on your computer.